5 Considerations Before Buying Leads


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5 Considerations Before Buying Leads

Buying sales leads is a great way to quickly build your pipe. But slow down before pulling the trigger. Let’s dig into the considerations before buying leads.

Consideration 1 – Should I Buy or Rent Leads?
When purchasing sales leads, you will be either buying or renting access

  • Buying leads is where you purchase complete access to a list of potential prospects. Bought leads tend to include name, email, phone number, address, and other miscellaneous notes
  • Renting leads is when your business pays for borrowed access to a list of leads. Instead of handling rented leads, you will work with the lead provider to send out marketing materials

The biggest consideration with renting vs buying leads is your budget. If you have a big budget, then buying leads lets you archive and remarket a wider net of potential customers. Renting leads though is a great option if your business is strapped for cash or manpower—as you still get ready access to the same leads, you just won’t own them, and you’ll be working closely with the list owner (so make sure the list owner knows their chops).

Consideration 2 – Always Choose Quality Over Quantity
Not all buy lists are created equal. Going online and picking up the cheapest list with the largest number of leads will more-than-likely cost you money in wasted time, low engagement, and being blacklisted as spam. Instead of rolling the dice on an untargeted list of cheap maybe-leads, spend more on, or buy fewer quality leads that are targeted to proven buyers.

Pro-tip: always choose scrubbed and verified leads. Scrubbed leads have been pre-qualified by an organization or individual before you buy them from a list provider. And verified leads have been proven by a sales team for responsiveness.

Consideration 3 – Buy Lists are Cold Leads
A cold lead is a potential customer who has not been contacted before.

A warm lead is a customer who has been contacted before.

Since your buy lists are new prospects, be aware that you’ll still have to work hard for the close. It takes effort and time to warm up prospects to your brand, products, and services. Cold leads are also less likely to respond to marketing campaigns because they’re being introduced out of the blue.

Consideration 4 – Spend More for the Option to Filter Leads
Bulk ordering lists has its place. If you have a massive budget, like Wayfair or Geico, you can easily hit every new homeowner in the US with a mailer. But for most companies this isn’t a viable option. Filtering lists before you make the purchase can help add granularity to your choice.

Ways that a simple filter can maximize ROI

  • Personalize B2B marketing campaigns
  • Determine key accounts for ABM
  • Reduce churn
  • Target more qualified leads for sales outreach
  • Better align sales/marketing messaging

Consideration 5 – Leads Aren’t Guaranteed
The targeting of your ads, skill of your salesforce, and price of your products and services will ultimately determine your close rate. That’s the main reason bought leads get a bad rap—because people buy them, expecting a magic pill that immediately launches ROI.

Rent Prequalified Leads From Sempris

Prequalified leads from a reputable source shouldn’t be a crapshoot. Our lists are all proven responsive buyers. Reach out today and boost your ROI.

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