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True Value

Two little words for what we offer as a company. We provide true value to our customers. With targeted subscription Lifestyle Sites that help make life better, we deliver true value. True value. It’s worth repeating.

And no, we’re not Costco or Amazon. We’re not Starbucks. But our beginnings did pave the way for today’s popular Subscription and Loyalty Programs. You might even say we invented the space.

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Two more words that pack a punch. Who wouldn’t want an enhanced lifestyle simply by virtue of subscribing to one of our programs, programs that make your life more fun, more rewarding, more chock-full of all the things that bring delight to your day?

We are lifestyle-enhancing. This is true value, value that through subscription keeps on giving.

The Middle

Most good stories reach a point-in-time where everything falls apart. Our story is no different. So, what happened?
After years of success defining the subscription and loyalty space, things began to change.

This change came in the form of competitors who began offering anything but true value to their customers. Success was achieved at the expense of their customer.
The writing was on the wall; the industry was ripe for either revolution or dissolution.

Quitters We are Not

Back then we knew we had only two options: Quit, or work to rebuild and rebrand the industry in the likeness of our original business. 

But in the words of our founder, quitters we are not.

So, reinforcements were brought in the form of another industry veteran and he and our hero (our CEO) set out to re-invent the lifestyle subscription and loyalty industry — all over again.

This may be why if you spent more than 10-minutes with our CEO, he’d offer up this riddle: “Do you know the difference between a cynic and a realist?”

He’d then leave you to sit with this for a time, to gauge your capacity for riddle-solving. We’ll do the same here in our story . . .


Today, we are Sempris, a company evolved from early leadership in the subscription and loyalty space whose mission is still to provide true value to our customers. Just like the first time. Only — we think — maybe even a little bit better this time around.

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Back to the riddle

The difference between a cynic and a realist is a realist doesn’t let reality get him down.

That's tenacity. That's customer-first. And that's true value.

Sempris-style. And we’re not finished yet . . .

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