Not at all. Sempris has trained staff that can take redirected calls and make the sale.

Each program is slightly different. But all Lifestyle Sites save customers more than $1,350 annually.

Taste for Savings is a culinary themed Site. It’s positioned to help people eat well for less. Customers get discounts on targeted Gift Cards, Rebates on dining out or staying in, and exclusive access to localized deals. Taste for Savings can save subscribers thousands.

If you can name it, we can probably do it. We specialize in direct mail, catalogs, and insert marketing. Our relationships and partnerships push digital ads through proven websites.

When you buy leads, you own the data. When you rent, you’re paying for access. The biggest pro with renting is that it’s cheaper and you don’t need to update or manage user data.

Our Lifestyle Sites offer 20% off Gift Cards for popular brands like Target, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. Since we’re not a reseller, our cards are brand-spanking-new with 100% of their stored value. All Gift Card orders can be fulfilled in two ways: e-fulfillment or we ship free, via the United States Postal Service. 

Don’t worry, the Gift Card cap resets every 30 days. Capping helps us keep Gift Card discounts low.

To check the status of a Rebate you’ve submitted, simply navigate to your Account page and click the ‘Check My Rebates’ button.

Absolutely—all Gift Card orders come with free tracking. Once your order is submitted, we email subscribers with tracking details.

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