What We Do

What we do

True Value

These two words drive everything we do. Sempris helps you reach new and existing markets. Engage customers at every step.

Sempris Helps Drive ROI

Sempris offers subscription Lifestyle Sites, proven proven to increase revenue. Targeted marketing services use digital and traditional methods to reach and engage customers. And prequalified leads boost close rates.

Upsell Opportunities

Unique Opportunities

Provide your customers with new ways to save money and live better. Our Lifestyle Sites are  time-tested winners. The key is targeted offerings that add to the lifetime value of your vetted customers.

Prequalified Leads

Not all rental lists are cut the same. Sempris’ Sales Leads are collected and tested for responsiveness. It’s just a highly reliable service that you can trust.

Provide more value
Targeted Marketing

Targeted Marketing

Merge the physical + digital for greater reach. Use mail to reach and drive people to digital landing pages. Incorporate this two-pronged tactic to increase the quality of your website traffic.

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